Why Drona is Innovative

Drona is not just an online database of coaches, we are different!

Innovative – The make it or break it ‘adjective’ often used in cavalier to disguise an utterly useless product.

Today every company is striving hard to innovate to emerge as well as to survive. This rampant quest has associated many false perceptions with the word ‘innovation’. Innovation is not merely adding a feature or two with a new design every year. It is about disrupting the existing Status Quo to escalate to the next level.

Remember when the last time innovations shook the world. BlackBerry introduced an email technology, PayPal created online payment platform, Apple produced the jog dial. Each of these were efficiently solving a problem that lead to a rampant mass adoption.

Businesses mandate employees on the go to submit a daily report. The Japanese carried a portable fax machine to send reports at closure. While the others had to skip it or locate a cyber café if their hotel didn’t have one. But with the advent of BlackBerry, a keyboard and seemingly space age technology that could deliver emails anywhere anytime, the decade’s eminent reporting problem was solved.

Previous decade Apple launched the jog dial while others in the market like Zune and Walkman were busy selling portable mp3 players with minor additions. The others merely enabled people to listen music on the go while Apple resolved the issue of cumbersome browsing process to access a favorite across thousands of files in the music library and eliminated an important user pain point.

Similarly in the coaching industry, while others are providing listing services, Drona is focusing on providing a complete solution. Starting with our library of content that helps you find solutions or reasonable help to proceed further to our application that caters everything on one platform including inbuilt video conferencing to save your phone bills, notes to help you record, goal setting to track your progress and other features to keep you on schedule and help you stay motivated.

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