What Do You Want to Do with The Rest of Your Life?

Feeling lost in life after graduation?

So, you’ve just graduated high school and now your tasked with the daunting decision of choosing a major in college that will affect the rest of your life, no pressure. You are essentially just a child who managed to pass all their classes in high school and find yourself at the front door of your universities registrar’s office hoping that the form you filled out is correct and is what you want to do until your eventual retirement. If you are feeling at all nervous about this decision and don’t quite know if you’re ready to dive into the world of a 9-5 workday with 401Ks and all that jazz, don’t worry you are not alone. Just 4 years ago I was in the very same position, chose a major that I was good at in terms of academics and enjoyed learning more about but I was definitely not sure about doing that forever. It took some time but I did figure it out and now I am here to help.

If your school was anything like mine you may find it lacking in the “I don’t know what I want to do with the rest of my life” department. When I first discovered this missing aspect of college you may begin to question what it is your tuition money really does and I do not have those answers, but I can help with figuring out your life. As a freshman, I entered college with the idea that I was going to breeze through school, get my degree and life will just hand me jobs as I went, what I found out was my choice of studies did not interest me, I did not breeze through and life does not hand you jobs. Luckily, I was able to change my major before it was too late, do not be afraid to change. I switched once, friends of mine switched twice and I even know people who have switched more than three times. It is perfectly okay to change your mind as you go. You are not the same person in college as you were when you applied to school.

Don’t be afraid to branch out of your major either. If you go to a larger school you may not interact with people from the different majors all too much but do as much as you can to get involved and meet students from different areas of study. This will give you varying viewpoints on the many majors’ you school offers and potential job opportunities as well. Learning about all of the areas of study that may interest you can help determine whether or not you want to switch or think about it.

Another excellent resource for trying to figure out what you want to do with your life is a career coach. These are people that will listen to what issues you may have and be able to provide the answers you need to make your decision. They will also be there to help find and sift through the world of internships to make sure that your time won’t be wasted during college breaks. These coaches will work closely with you to create goals and even develop a step by step plan to achieve those goals. They are here to help, and they are proven to be successful. However, they are not free. Most career coaches do charge a fee for their work and that fee can be one time or per visit.

Now I understand that as a college student you may not have a lot of disposable income, but you may be able to find one of these career coaches on campus. Many universities have career prep or career help centers that are available to students and have the cost already accounted for in your yearly tuition fees. The career coaches at your school will have the same access to facilities and databases as those you would hire.

Career coaches are there to help you, they are there to work through some of the muck that crosses your path to ensure a higher achievement rate for everyone. They can troubleshoot any problems you may face during your semesters and will be there every step of the way until graduation day comes. Career coaches are a key resource that should be looked into by every college student who enters university. I have personally used them dozens of times and every time I went they provided me with the solutions I didn’t even know I needed. Career coaches are here to help and they’re waiting for you to need it.


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Author: Max K.