How Successful People Think

Being successful or mediocre is a matter of choices. Of course it is also a result of your conditions but great decisions always have the ability to change things.



Since an early age I have been a minimalist, whether it were clothes or gadgets, I had a simple moto what works shall continue, it is better not to waste time for experimenting. To make a good purchase decision, you should separate the primary functionality from secondary attributes that are meant to appeal to the mass.

I have been glued to BlackBerry for ages, its 2016, you can call me grandpa but it serves my purpose and doesn’t waste time with bullshit. For clothes, I walk in to the same brands since ages, no time wasted for checking fittings, material suits the skin and of course the loyalty points.

Whenever you plan to acquire something, you should check whether it fulfills your primary functionality need, is the lifecycle cost affordable and does it fit with your status quo (neither less nor more). Most people mistake the status quo for the future.  There is no point of considering future prospectus because once your status quo escalates, your company is cautious enough to increase your salary.

Being a minimalist is a key step to success. If you are inspired enough to make further efforts, you can read the Japanese principals of Zen.


Life Hacks

My day job that kept me busy during the day and kept me on the road for 10 days a month. Other two jobs included freelance and contribution like writing this blog and helping my mom with her chain of Yoga Studios.

Given the finite amount of time 24 hours a day, it gets difficult to juggle all of it. Living alone you need to get chores done, keep your health sound so that your clothes fit and other hassles. At this point one needs to think like a project manager, whether to invest precious man hours in petty jobs.

So I made a list of things to be done and started outsourcing whatever felt too petty to be done by myself. You can visit hello Alfred if you are in the US or laundry boy and house joy if in India. Thank me later.


Trade Offs

This increases your expense but frees up your time that you can spend to do some highly returning activities like uploading cat pictures on snapchat. My apologies for the sense of sarcasm, but that is what most of us do with the otherwise useless time! I call it Apps for your otherwise useless time.

You need to make a trade off whether to save for today or invest for future. All these extra expenses accrued during your incubation period are an investment towards the future. Time is all you got, and spending on outsourcing frees up your extra time that you can spend on acquiring more skills, knowledge or gain wisdom by reading more of these!

And its not just about the budget, you need to make trade offs on other parts of life including on your friends and relations because 24 hours are just not enough. So learn to say no gracefully as you will have to say no on multiple occasions whether its friends, cousins or work colleagues.

You need to fix your priorities right and most importantly adhere to it. Everything can never be equally important.

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