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Answers to some Frequent Questions

What is Drona and how it helps me?

Drona is not merely a listing service, we focus on helping you select a suitable coach among the numerous options available on our platform. We then connect you with experts or coaches from various verticals like life coaching, fitness coaching, business coaching or an expert in parenting skills, work life balance, stress reduction, parenting, product management, fitness, business, startup, productivity and so on.

How does Drona ensure the quality of its experts? 

Quality of experts is our top concern. Our experts have extensive experience and incredible expertise. Every expert is carefully vetted, screened to meet specific qualifications and criteria within their skills before they are certified as an expert at Drona.

We also evaluate our experts on an ongoing basis to maintain quality of our service. You are always free to contact us: hello@getdrona.com with any concerns or issues. We are strongly follow TQM (Total Quality Management) and take your feedbacks seriously.

How can I change my profile information (name, about me, contact, etc.)?

You can change your profile details and expert preferences by selecting “Edit Profile” accessible by clicking on your name on the top right corner of your Dashboard.

How do I find an expert?

You can easily find experts by searching by keywords or select preferred coach type on the top search bar available on any page. You can even filter with multiple criteria like availability, price, time and skills like process design, productivity, etc. on the search page.

Registered members can find experts by simply entering skills on the top right corner of your Dashboard for easy search.

How do I view profile of an expert? 

Simply click on expert’s name to view profile and availability. If you want to view expert’s profile with whom you have booked or completed a session in the past then go to your Dashboard and click on the expert name.

How can I communicate with an expert before booking a session?

You can always send a message to your expert by clicking on the message button in the session grid on the Dashboard.

How do I book a session or package with an expert?

First of all, you need to be logged in to perform this action. Then you can click on “Book Now” on the search or profile page of the desired expert. When you click on “Book Now” it will take you to booking details page.

How do I pay for a session or package to an expert? 

Once you enter your booking details on the booking page, click on “Proceed to “Checkout” and it will take you to the “Payment Page” to enter your credit card information. You can also pay using Paypal if you have a Paypal account.

What happens after a session or package is booked? 

You will receive an email confirmation with booking details after the payment has been processed. If your selected expert needs any details prior to the session then he/she will reach out to you via email shared by Drona (We don’t share your contact details with a coach and hence you will receive an email from us). Your expert will reach out to you if unable to conduct session at scheduled time slot owing to circumstances or emergency.

Can I share my goals or additional details after booking a session? 

Absolutely. You can share your goals or any details with the expert by clicking on message button in the “Upcoming Session” grid on the Dashboard.

How can I cancel my session? What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your session by clicking on “X” button in the “Upcoming Session” grid on the Dashboard. The status of the booked session will change to Cancel.

Cancellation Policy: If cancellation is more than 12 hours prior to scheduled meet, no cancellation fees would be charged. We respect our experts’ time and any cancellation less than 12 hours prior to scheduled meet would be charged as 50% of the session fee. We regret deeply the inconvenience caused.

What are different coaching methods? How do I choose my preference?

Currently, there are 3 options – phone, video conference and in person but depends on the delivery method chosen by the expert. Mostly experts prefer to coach via phone or video conference. Some experts may conduct the session in person and you are fully responsible to identify the location details (travel time, parking, buzzer number, etc.) before the session. If any questions then we highly recommend to contact the expert directly.

How much does a session cost? 

Session prices are set by the experts and may vary drastically. You will be charged fixed price (USD / Session) that would be payable at the time of booking your session with the expert.

What should I do if I am not satisfied or encounter uncomfortable situation with an expert? 

We are working very hard to avoid such situations but not everything is under our control. Please feel free to contact us: hello@getdrona.com