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Answers to some Frequent Questions

How does Drona work for coaches? 

Drona adds value to your services by providing you a credibility certification that provides assurance to your clients. It also gives you a platform to showcase your profile and previous success stories with clients. Moreover our library gives you an opportunity to increase your digital presence by publishing content.

Are there any fees to be a coach on Drona? 

It is absolutely free. We charge a merge commission on session fees to finance maintenance of our platform and add features that can further benefit you and your clients.

How do I become a coach? 

You need to have substantial experience to become a coach at Drona. We have a standard evaluation and vetting process when you apply to become a coach. Other details are disclosed step by step only when you apply. Once you are approved as a coach, you will be able to login to the Drona application to create your profile and enter coaching details.

Where do I enter my coaching details?

Drona is very simple to use. Click on the top right corner on your name and select Edit Profile. On the Edit Profile Page, you will see tabs to enter your profile details, coaching details, availability, and additional details for your profile. Fill in all the details for your profile to be highly visible and easily searchable by the Drona searchbot. Make sure you have entered accurate coaching details and availability for the scheduling to work effectively. Click on “Save” after entering your details.

How do I upload my profile picture?

You can upload your profile picture directly from your dashboard page. Choose a profile picture by clicking on “+” in the first box on the Dashboard page and upload a picture (min. 512 pixels required and we highly recommend square size image). Don’t forget to click on “Save”.

How do I add keywords or tags to make my profile easier to search for clients?

Go to Edit Profile and on Coaching Details tab, you will see “Search Keywords” for you to add up to 10 keywords. Based on your coaching expertise and experience, select one of the keywords by entering the first 3 letters of the keyword or add a new one if not available in the list.

How do I add packages?

Adding a package is very easy. You can go to the packages page by clicking on top right corner on your name and select “Package” or expand the left bar and select “Coaching Packages”. Click on “+ Add Package” and enter package details. You can manage all your packages on the Packages page. You can also view coaching packages purchased by the clients on the same page.

How do I add any publications (articles, blogs, videos, URLs) to boost my profile page?

Go to the publications page by clicking on top right corner on your name or expand the left bar and select “Publication”. Click on “+ Add Publication” and enter the details. You can also upload an image (min. 512 pixels size) to enhance your publication.

What happens after the session is booked?

Once the session (single session, free session or session from the package) is booked by the client, you should receive a confirmation email with session details. You will also see the session in “Upcoming Session” on your Dashboard. You can send a message to your client, view goals shared and initiate video conference for the booked session. If unavailable then send a message to reschedule the session and provide preferred time slots (3-5 slots) to the client. The client will reschedule the session and pick the available time slot. Make sure that your availability is up to date. You can manage your availability on the Edit Profile page.

How do I connect with the client via video conference for the scheduled session?

We have partnered with zoom for audio and video conference and you are only allowed to use zoom and not any other means of communication with the client. When you become a coach at Drona, you are automatically enrolled into the Pro package for free. For any questions related to zoom, click here.

A coach acts as a host and you needs to start the session (meeting). Kindly join 5 mins prior to the scheduled session. Our preferred communication method is video conference but customer may select to just dial in or keep the camera off as preferred. You can start the meeting by clicking on the video icon of that session on the Dashboard and it will take you to the session details page. You can also access the session details in your confirmation email and start the meeting directly from the email. Click on “Start Meeting” and you will be redirected to the zoom application. You may need to install zoom (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet) if using for the first time.

What is Goal Tracking? How do I see goals shared with me by the client?

Drona provides a goal tracking functionality for coaches and clients to have a better experience managing their goals. No need to use other tools or share goals through emails. Those days are gone! A client can easy create a goal and share with a coach for the scheduled session in advance to view goals details and can also provide feedback/comments as needed. You can review goals on the Session Details page and even from the Dashboard by clicking on the goals icon.

Goal tracking is not just for our clients but even coaches can create their own goals and share with their contacts. Expand the left bar and select “Goals”. Add goal details and you can even share you goal with your contacts to make them as your accountability partners. Before adding an accountability partner, you are required to add your goal buddy in the Contacts. You can add a contact on the Contacts page accessible from the left bar.