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How Drona helps you achieve more in life

Unlike listing services merely providing list of coaches, we focus on providing a comprehensive solution that helps you through out your life. Starting from selection of type of coaching to finally achieving your goal. Each step is crucial, needs a lot of effort and can leave you in bewilderment.

Patchwork is temporary, core solutions stay forever. 

Who is a coach?

A coach is simply a solution provider but if you have not properly defined your problem, how will you decide what solution would be helpful! To help you define your problem, we provide an extensive library with personal experiences to help you relate and uncover your underlying needs.

After uncovering underlying needs and defining the problem, you are all set to find a coach. At Drona, along with coach profiles we also share their client success stories and other credentials to help you relate and select the right coach.

You can go from mild headache to clinically dead in three clicks.

How coaching works at Drona?

To ensure credibility and success, we have incorporated a comprehensive onboarding process for coaches. Every expert is carefully vetted, certified, screened to meet specific qualifications and criteria within their skills before they are certified as an expert at Drona.

A good beginning does not ensure a happy ending.

To help you through the coaching plan, we incorporated multiple features like video conferencing for face-to-face interactions, recorded sessions to view at your convenience, notes to record the highlights, goal setting & track records to monitor your progress along with many others to help you stay motivated and sail through.

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