Coaching in a Nutshell

What is coaching?

Everyone feels stuck at one point or another in life and there is nothing to be embarrassed or worried about it.

Anyone who ever built an empire or changed the world one sat right where you are right now. And because they were here, they were able to do it.

Up in the Air (2010)

At this point you need an advisor who can help you sail through turbulence or push you to achieve your goals. Although we find pro bono advisors everywhere; friends, family, distant family, office colleagues and so on, one should not trust the credibility of their advise. Of course they have the right intentions but that won’t be enough.

Apart from the right intentions what makes their advices credible? What qualifies them for a credible advice? Have they ever been in a similar situation or have they ever helped someone in a similar situation navigate?  If everyone was capable enough, you can probably consult the bar tender; trust me they have a lot of empathy.

A coach is someone who not only possess the right intentions but also the credibility and experience to successfully guide you through the turbulence or keep you on track to achieve your desired goals. Being an experienced professional, our coaches have either similar past experiences or have attained the intense intellect to guide you through.

Moreover many people have a misconception about coaching being an irrational expense. But as the adage says “there are no free lunches”, if you want to achieve something in life and seek credible help for such purpose there should be some mutual interest or leverage for both parties. Coaches being professionals charge you in return for such help.

Whatever you spend on coaching is an investment on yourself. An investment that gears you up to sail through turbulence or helps you acquire the competence needed to escalate to the next level.

Invest in your future today. Tomorrow is the future.

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