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How do you find a coach?

Coaching is complicated; and a full listing service will leave you in utter bewilderment. So it is difficult for you to not only  decide the type but also the extent of coaching.

To help you understand the complication, we have framed a lucid explanation along with some analogies.


Recognize your problem

Make a decision

Abide by the decision

Let us start with a hypothetical  scenario; you and your spouse have been together for a while and your spouse wants a baby. Being uncertain about your take on this, the situation leads to frequent conflicts in your relation.

If you take a naïve decision, you would probably end up with relationship coach but the problem might not be the relation. You need to understand the underlying actual problem to select an expert.

The cause of unrest might be something different; viz: financial crunch or career focus or you’re just not ready. Being stuck in the cacophony of monotonous life, you tend to ignore or not notice the signals and fail to uncover underlying needs.

Speaking to a life coach can help you spot the problem and consequently solve it. If it happens to be a financial problem, you can further consult a finance coach to help you settle your concerns and accommodate future plans. And once you are all set, you can get a parenting coach.

While in case of dwindling businesses, a naïve person might immediately consult a sales coach. But to cure the problem instead of patch work, a business owner must consult a management coach who can help recognize the core issues.

Poor sales performance can arise from multiple problems including HR decisions on incentives that might cause lack of interest. It might as well be a result of poor marketing approaches including faulty pricing, segmenting or packaging. A Business coach can helps you recognize the core problem while an expert would further help to solve.

To make all these possible on one platform, we conceived Drona. As our business model is pay on the go and we provide services from multiple coaches, you can always get expert consultation or simply read through our library to unearth causes and later consult an expert.

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