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Coaching can seem complicated, especially in light of the extensive lists of services that other providers may bombard you with. Drona is different.


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Make a decision

Abide by the decision

Other competitors will give you a simple list of coaching services and allow you to pick the one that you think best meets your needs. The problem with this approach, besides the cost, is that we aren’t always aware of what our needs really are. For example, a struggling business owner may find themselves hiring a sales coach, without even realizing that the real issue behind their declining profits was their management style towards their employees!

At Drona, our coaches consult you on a one on one basis in order to get to the root of the issue. Once we know what the core problem is, we can custom tailor a solution that fits your needs and situation. With our pay as you go model, you never waste money or time finding the solutions that you need.

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